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Welding Torch

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Welding Torch

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  • Handheld Torch - BTS-8087
    BTS-8087 : Handheld Torch
    1. Self-igniting with the piezo-electric system.
    2. Anti-flaring fuel regulation.
    3. Up to 1300℃ high temperature / flame type: centralized cyclone flame ergonomic design for a Comfort flame.
    4. Lock button keeps torch lit for finger free use.
    5. Aluminum cast handle and stainless steel burner tube.
  • Trigger Torch - BTS-8088
    BTS-8088 : Trigger Torch
    1. Ignition button lock for continuous use.
    2. Piezo igniter for instant flame.
    3. Flame adjustable control.
    4. Ergonomic handle design.
    5. Swirl combustion tip.
    6. Up to 1300℃ high temperature / flame type: cyclone flame.
    7. Stainless burner tube and brass burner tip for strength.
  • Brazing Gas Torch - BTS-8089
    BTS-8089 : Brazing Gas Torch
    1. Auto-Ignite Hand Torch with adjustable flame control.
    2. Anti-flaring fuel regulation.
    3. Up to 1300℃ high temperature / flame type: super cyclone flame.
    4. Lock button function keeps user hands free.
    5. Cast aluminum construction provides added durability.
    6. Brass burn tip.
  • Portable Welding Torch - HZ-8385
    HZ-8385 : Portable Welding Torch
    Product description: Auto-ignite hand torch with hose.
    1. Instant on/off trigger igniter for simple one-handed operation.
    2. Stainless steel Burner Tip for durability.
    3. Ideal for all types of soldering and brazing projects.
    4. Wire clip is equipped to attach onto a cylinder for easy operation.
    5. Fuel suggestion: with map/pro.
    6. Flame type: Concentrative flame.
  • Gas Welding Torch - HT-8932
    HT-8932 : Gas Welding Torch
    Product description: Welding torch with hose.
    1. Brass burner tip for durability.
    2. Self-ignition for instant flame.
    3. Anti-Flare System ensures safe and efficient flame.
    4. Adjustable flame control knob for ease in switching between different applications.
    5. Brass burner tube.
    6. The wire stand could clip on "belt".
  • Hose Torch - HZ-8393
    HZ-8393 : Hose Torch
    Product description: swivel tube torch with hose
    1. With the convenience of a self-igniting head.
    2. The anti-flare system creates higher performance.
    3. Adjustable flame controller.
    4. Stainless steel burn tube constructed for durability and built to last.
    5. With metal belt clip.
    6. For general maintenance and household work.
  • Turbo Torch - MRAS-8203
    MRAS-8203 : Turbo Torch
    Product name: Triple Flame Turbo Torch
    1. Specification: Size 215x44x93mm(L×W×H), Weight 336g
    2. Valve: CGA600 us 1" threaded map/pro or propane gas cartridger.
    3. Trigger ignition, 3-burner jets in one burner tube.
    4. Pressure regulator, powerful flame, anti-flare in every angle.
    5. Efficiency, quick and impressed performance.
    6. Box pack
  • Trigger Start Torch - MRAS-8098
    MRAS-8098 : Trigger Start Torch
    Product name: trigger touch of changeable flame tube
    1. Exchangeable flame tube offers different flame performance on the trigger torch
    2. Adjustable brazing and soldering torch that fits all leading gas cylinders. It is for use with MAP PRO / Propane gas
    3. Instant On/Off Trigger Ignition Provides Easier Lighting & Increased Fuel Savings
    4. Adjustable flame control knob for ease in switching between different applications
  • Oxy Torch - MRZM-7146
    MRZM-7146 : Oxy Torch


    1. Professional Portable Welding/Cutting/Brazing Propane & Oxygen Torch
    2. Ideal for construction, crafts, metal sculpture, glass blowing, and electronics repair and manufacturing. It can weld an unlimited range of materials.
    3. This torch is easily maneuvered in areas impossible to reach with conventional torches. Used simultaneously with an Oxygen cylinder and MAP-Pro™ or Propane cylinder.
    4. Using an Oxygen cylinder will result in the torch flame burning at a much higher temperature than normally would occur.
    5. Work with disposal cylinder featuring lightweight when portability is needed
    6. Preassembled pressure gauge for making good control of gas output.  Gauges will save gas fuel whilst optimize the flame performance get a brighter, straight and tighter flame.
    7. Oxygen Torch meets EN1326 standard
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